Trust line

Trustline is the process of reporting misconduct, corruption, fraud, and other unethical behaviour within an organisation. To help employees report concerns in a secure and confidential way there is also an option to report anonymously. This process will ensure that the workplace operates in an ethical and transparent manner, and that any misconduct is addressed appropriately. All concerns reported will be handled by DEWA Compliance Department who is acting as an autonomous function to ensure transparency and independence.
Kindly only report concerns that you believe to be true to the best of your knowledge. Also, make sure to report concerns that are notrelated to staff grievances e.g. working conditions, pay and benefits, excessive workload, handling of leave, staff placement, transfer or promotion process etc.”

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To align the organisation with the Dubai Plan 2021 and Dubai 10X initiative, ENOC required its operations to be fully digitized. Business models need to be reinvented to strengthen corporate governance standards and create integrated autonomous systems. Within a total timeframe of 40 months, the Digital Oil and Gas, Retail business and Predictive Maintenance & Mobility applications were designed and executed in.