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We have set out the terms and conditions that will apply the services that you order from Moro Hub. Our aim is to exceed all expectations and deliver a service that will impress you and your clients. We want to use terms that are clear for you and your teams to understand. That way, if you ever need to review our terms, you’ll know where you stand with us.

Moro Hub Terms & Conditions

For Our Vendors & Delivery Partners

Moro Hub Historical Terms and Conditions

Want to see the future?

“Avaya solutions, hosted by Moro Hub, will give businesses in the UAE the flexibility and agility they require to benefit from the latest technology trends and prepare for digital transformation. Enterprises will be able to get access to Avaya’s innovative technology solutions at prices that suit their needs, while benefiting from the reliability and expertise that industry leaders such as Avaya and Moro Hub bring to the market place.”

Nidal Abou Ltaif
Avaya President, Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa and EU.

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